Monday, September 26, 2016

be mindful

be mindful of the images shared on social media. be mindful of whose hearts might sink deeper into their chests because of the things we post. be mindful of the information we are sharing and whether or not it is true. be mindful of the fact that some videos or images may be better left unshared out of respect, love, and dignity for the people involved. out of respect for communities we may not be a part of. be mindful that we are not perpetuating pain. perpetuating stereotypes. perpetuating falsehood. find ways to convey information that don't contribute to dehumanization. be mindful of our humanity.


Your mind has rights over you, nourish it.
Your body has rights over you, be gentle with it.
Your heart has rights over you, protect it.
Your soul has rights over you - it's inclination is towards Good. Give it Purpose.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


longing consumes me
she is in my breath
inside my fingertips
she is on my heart
clenching it
every time my thoughts stray to you
like a noose around my neck
she holds me in such painful ways
i let her strangle me
because soon i'll stop feeling
but i'm immortal
and longing continues to possess me

Thursday, May 12, 2016

When you go back 
Don't count the fingers you
Lost getting here 
Or the limbs your neighbours lost 
Don't let the memories you caged 
Come out to play don't 
Unfold the crumpled pages
of your passport  don't
Poke your stomach and sigh
Wistfully where it crosses the 
Borders your aunties set for desirability 
Don't carry any lovers in your chest 
Don't go back, you can't go back 
Not all of you anyway

-We miss time (not places)/ we miss people (not places)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

You can't run from yourself anyway

You catch yourself thinking, saying, repeating “I want to go home”

Inside the very walls that built you.

The F word

If it were not for faith and fallacy and friction and fear.
tonight would be a fatality.

- On things the heart can't bear anymore

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

protect yourself

in the name of god
most gracious most merciful
you are not kind
and i am afraid
of people
who can extinguish the light in others
and carry that sin with them
as if they own the honey
that flows from your heart
oh resilient one
be mindful
the world is soft and cruel at the same time
protect yourself
cherish yourself

Friday, March 4, 2016

Sometimes we patch up our wounds
and so the only place we can bleed
Is from our mouths with our words
But what we forget is that with the blood
Comes fragments of the razors we were cut with


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

For the village

We are formalities and performances, holding breath, turning purple. Smile, everyone is watching love. Consistency Consistency Consistency Consistency Consistency consistency Consistency.
I want to tell you that you can’t fill your hollow spaces with the hollow spaces of others, but what a lie, what hypocrisy, when all I want, is to fill myself with you.
You with the light eyes, heavy with the idea of sleep, you pace back and forth, back and forth. I hear you, reciting your lists for the day to yourself, they never end. You discuss the weather, to silence the loudness of your thoughts. Sometimes there is no silencing them, I know.
You my love, are angry and tired, you see the answers in sand, but I see them in snow and rain and slush, I see them in green and blue and yellow. For a long time now, we both have seen red. Maybe its time to accept that we are asking different questions.
Often I catch you, picking away at your skin, pulling the hairs from your head, digging at the soft tissue under your nails, blinking twice as if you missed something important. Perhaps you have have. Perhaps we all have.

After the fact

It is not the flames that scare me, the buildings and homes set ablaze, 
the innocent caught in cross fire, the running wild, the screaming, the suffocating.

It’s the quiet after that, the smoke that has settled, the fruitful turned to ashes and debris
It is the earth that has dried and cracked, rejecting what saves it, what nourishes it.

We dream of gardens but oh how far away they are, oh how ridiculous the concept
of wanting to produce something small and beautiful and healthy seems now.

Oh how ridiculous the concept of wanting to produce something
And healthy

Seems now.