Monday, November 28, 2016

a friend

whether we leave
or we stay
if we're here or away
when joy brings you madness
and sorrow brings you sanity
when the day's moments are no longer shared
and the night's pain no longer felt
and we've forgotten one another
remember this
i've carved in me a place
for your life
a home
for my friend

Friday, November 25, 2016

too much

you're too much 
too much for us to understand 
too much for us to imagine
too angry
too soft
too fragile
brittle and sensitive
you're too much for us to carry
what went wrong
and who made you feel so worthless 
you stretched out your hair and your heart
for the world, for sacrifice
and the men 
they split open your legs
searching for their lost mothers
and you only gave them all of your love
you're too much broken
too much wonder and thrill
too much paradox
too much woman

Sunday, November 6, 2016


there is a thunderstorm in my heart
she carries both anger and peace
and i am afraid
to let it rain
for her rage will destroy all that is left of us
but also afraid of withholding
because rain brings nourishment
and rain brings mercy
and that is how love grows
how can you tame a storm
when you don't know when she will strike

Monday, September 26, 2016

be mindful

be mindful of the images shared on social media. be mindful of whose hearts might sink deeper into their chests because of the things we post. be mindful of the information we are sharing and whether or not it is true. be mindful of the fact that some videos or images may be better left unshared out of respect, love, and dignity for the people involved. out of respect for communities we may not be a part of. be mindful that we are not perpetuating pain. perpetuating stereotypes. perpetuating falsehood. find ways to convey information that don't contribute to dehumanization. be mindful of our humanity.


Your mind has rights over you, nourish it.
Your body has rights over you, be gentle with it.
Your heart has rights over you, protect it.
Your soul has rights over you - it's inclination is towards Good. Give it Purpose.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


longing consumes me
she is in my breath
inside my fingertips
she is on my heart
clenching it
every time my thoughts stray to you
like a noose around my neck
she holds me in such painful ways
i let her strangle me
because soon i'll stop feeling
but i'm immortal
and longing continues to possess me

Thursday, May 12, 2016

When you go back 
Don't count the fingers you
Lost getting here 
Or the limbs your neighbours lost 
Don't let the memories you caged 
Come out to play don't 
Unfold the crumpled pages
of your passport  don't
Poke your stomach and sigh
Wistfully where it crosses the 
Borders your aunties set for desirability 
Don't carry any lovers in your chest 
Don't go back, you can't go back 
Not all of you anyway

-We miss time (not places)/ we miss people (not places)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

You can't run from yourself anyway

You catch yourself thinking, saying, repeating “I want to go home”

Inside the very walls that built you.

The F word

If it were not for faith and fallacy and friction and fear.
tonight would be a fatality.

- On things the heart can't bear anymore